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To achieve our first mission, the International Youth Summit for Renewable Energy Global Case Competition will begin with learning sessions within the form of webinars, workshops, etc. thereupon conducting the case competition itself in order to achieve our second mission.


Empowering the youth of renewable energy

through problem solving.

Our Core Values




Our Mission

Create learning sessions where young people can learn regarding renewable energy.

Create a competition where young people can apply their learning materials to solve actual cases.

Our Pre-Event


Webinars on the renewable energy sector from a business perspective. Contains 2 speakers, with the first session discussing business trends in renewable energy and the second session discussing policies related to renewable energy in Indonesia.

The webinar is hosted by a moderator and uses slido during the question and answer session. By holding this webinar, it is hoped that participants will have a broader insight into how business development in the renewable energy sector is.


Workshop on the introduction of Geothermal Energy. Divided into 2 sessions, namely Geothermal Energy 101 and an in-depth session in the breakout room. In the Geothermal Energy 101 session, we will explain about the skin from heat.

In the in-depth session, there were 3 topics, namely geothermal geoscience, geothermal drilling, and geothermal power plant. In the deepening session, there is a hand on session. 1 person can only choose 1 in-depth workshop session. There are 2 certificates, namely attendance and completion.


A talk show with 2 speakers and guided by 1 moderator, will discuss Waste to Energy, starting from the overview, implementation, management systems, obstacles and obstacles, especially in Indonesia.

The talkshow was conducted interactively with participants using a metimeter and slido platform to accommodate questions from participants.



As the global population rises, demand for energy will grow significantly due to industrial activity, technology advancement, etc.

By 2025, renewable energy in Indonesia is expected to increase to 23% of all energy needed. Hence, lots of business opportunities are unlocked to supply more sustainable energy. In this Business Global Case Competition, we connect youth across the world to collaborate in providing the best ideas and innovation regarding the renewable energy sector from a business point of view.


Geothermal energy is one of non-intermittent renewable energy in the world. But to achieve that, there are some strategies that will determine how to sustain the geothermal power plant. In this competition, you will be challenged to utilize geothermal power plants, from geoscience study, reservoir and drilling, steam field and power plant, sustainability strategy, and the economic and non-technical aspect. 


You can choose roles as geoscientist, reservoir and drilling engineer, or steam field and power plant engineer in this competition. You need to know a little about other fields so cross-field collaboration can be done and geothermal power plants can be utilized.

Waste To Energy

The rapid increase in the generation of solid waste and rising demand for energy and preservation of fossil fuels worldwide caused an increase in the popularity of waste-to-energy (WtE) technologies as the solution for waste management problems and energy demands. WtE technologies convert the waste into energy and thus working as a net greenhouse gas reducer, greatly reduce the landfills usage and expansions, minimize the amount of waste sent to landfills, which also reduces negative impacts on the surrounding environment and climate. Waste-to-energy (WtE) is a key issue of a waste management system. Hence, it is imperative to pursue a progressive development on waste to energy fields in order to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and achieve sustainability. In this Global Case Competition, we connect students and companies in solving waste challenges by providing ideas and innovations that implementable at a sufficient scale to reach a large portion, sustainable and verifiable outcomes that produce significant impacts


For renewable business case & waste to energy

May 22nd 2021


May 22nd - June 30th

Preliminary Phase

July 5th 2021

Announcement of Preliminary Phase

July 1st - 25st July 2021

Second Phase

August 1st 2021

Announcement of Second Phase

August 1st - 20th August 2021

Final Phase

August 23rd 2021


Geothermal's Special Timeline

May 22nd - June 30th 2021

Preliminary phase

July 5th 2021

Announcement of Preliminary phase

July 5th - 22nd 2021

Second Phase

July 28th 2021

Announcement of second phase

July 29th 2021

Final Presentation Day

July 31st 2021

Awarding night

Frequently Asked Question

IYSRE GCC (short for Global Case Competition) 2021 is an international scale case competition that empowers youth around the globe through solving actual renewable energy problems. The event is part of IYSRE (International Youth Summit for Renewable Energy), the biggest international event in the renewable energy sector hosted by youth.
By following the event’s arrangements, you will be assembled with other participants and together link ideas to solve cases regarding the renewable energy sector.
There are three categories that you can choose from; business, geothermal, and waste to energy. Together, participants must develop ideas and unite their wit to solve particular circumstances revolving around the renewable energy sector based on those three categories.
If you are a university or high school student from all around the world, then you are eligible to participate in the event!”

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